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Our Programs

Core Java

Two month Java course / 50-60 hrs for INR 7449/-

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Advanced Java

Two month Advanced Java course / 60-80  hrs for INR 11999/-

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Digital Marketing

Two month Digital Marketing course / 50-60 hrs for INR 6449/-

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Data Structures & Algorithms

Two month DS & Algo. course / 25-30 hrs for INR 8499/-

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Two month DBMS / 25-30 hrs for INR 2999/- & 4999/-

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Web Development

Two Month Web Development course /40- 50 hrs for INR 8499/-

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Android App Development

Two month Android App Development course / 40-50 hrs for INR 7999/-

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Machine Learning

Two month Machine Learning With Python/ 60-70  hrs for INR 9999/- 

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Two Month Python /50- 60 hrs for INR 6499/-

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C/C++ Programming

Two month C/C++ course / 50-60 hrs for INR 4999/-

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Advanced MS Office

Two month Advanced MS Office / 30-40 hrs for INR 5499/-

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Embedded Systems With Robotics

One Month Embedded Systems course / 25-30 hrs – INR 8499/-

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Obstacle Detection/Avoiding Robot

One month Obstacle Avoiding Robot course / 12-20 hrs for INR 4999/-

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Light Follower Robot

One month Light Follower Robot course / 12-20 hrs for INR 4999/-

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Edge Detection Robot

One Month  Edge Detection Robot course / 12-20 hrs for INR 4999/-

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One month Aero-Modelling  course / 16-20 hrs only for INR 5999/-

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Line Follower Robot

One month Line Follower Robot course / 12-20 hrs for INR 4999/-

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Six Month Robotics Course for INR 9999/- & 19999/-

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Crack Competitive Exams Only For CS & IT Students

BCA Entrance

BCA Competitive Exam Preparation / INR 11999/-

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MCA Entrance

MCA Competitive Exam Preparation / INR 17999/-  

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NIMCET Competitive Exam Preparation / INR 29999/-

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GATE Competitive Exam Preparation / INR 39999/-

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NET Competitive Exam Preparation / INR 34999/-  

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Certification Program Preparation


CCC Certification Course Preparation / INR 2999/-

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Diploma In Computer Application

Three month DCA Course / INR 8999/-

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Yearly Course PGDCA Preparation / INR 14999/-

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O Level

Yearly Course:  O LEVEL Preparation / INR 6999/-

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A Level

Yearly Course:  A LEVEL Preparation / INR 11999/-

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B & C Level

Yearly Course:  B & C LEVEL Preparation / INR 29999/- & 39999/-

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Regular & Crash Courses Are Available

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students with all stream of higher education like Engineering, BCA, MCA, B.sc/M.sc (IT & CS), Diploma, Others Graduation (like BA, B.Com, B.Sc, BBA/MBA etc.).
  • School students appearing in the computer courses with minimum 6th standard.


How We Do It?

  • Creative/Advanced Problem Solving
  • Innovative & Smart Learning Frame Work
  • Implementing Advanced Techniques & Tools for Easy Understanding
  • Guest Lectures (Motivational, Inspirational etc.)
  • Mock Interview Preparation
  • Researched Study Material

Salient Features

  • Providing effective training program and graphical interface on proven success
  • Mastering skills & confidence needed to succeed
  • Industry Experts and Experienced Faculty Members
  • Mentoring Students to get Admission in Top Most Colleges of India & World
  • Daily Topic Wise Study Material
  • Weekly/Monthly Assessment of Students
  • Free Career Counselling

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